ADAM Anniversary

Apr 2013 Yet another anniversary

Wow, it’s been three years since I first heard about the ADAM tablet and it’s been two years of ownership. Too bad ADAM didn’t make it to its second birthday. It hasn’t quite achieved Silicon Heaven status, but it no longer works as a touch-screen tablet. Due to a bone-head move on my part ADAM got launched from the roof of my car and the screen shattered. I replaced it with “Lexan” so that I don’t have broken glass, but I lost the touch-screen layer when I removed the glass. So now I have to use a wireless or USB mouse to navigate the OS and apps. I have no desire to waste any more money or effort on “fixing” all of the “promised” items from Notion Ink. I’ll continue to use it when I have nothing better to do. -30-


May 2012

Well I got tired of being tethered to the power supply so I cracked open ADAM again and went at the power supply.

I had voltage on the batteries and going to the charger board. The issue is with the charger board. I took a chance and soldered a wire between the battery + terminal and the P+ terminal which is connected to the motherboard. Guess what? ADAM now works on its batteries and all the charging info seems to be working. The LED which indicates charge level changes color and the battery monitor app I use indicates the relative charge level.

I’ve been using ADAM this way for months with no apparent safety issues and it works as well as can be expected.

I am also now using the CROMNIA ROM. Other that frequent GAPP force close pop-ups and the occasional Widget won’t load issues, ADAM more or less works. I still wouldn’t depend on it and it doesn’t work well as a content creator. This is an ENTERTAINMENT device designed for content consumption. Hopefully one of these days a fully functional ADAM ROM will be produced. CU


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