To slate or not to slate

I’ve been using my ADAM tablet on and off since April. Mostly off since it no longer operates on its internal batteries.  While connected to its charger, it operates almost as well as I was led to believe it would from reading Rohan Shavran’s Blog here on Word Press.

Issues I’m having:

The Camera takes really neat photos which look like they were painted. Unfortunately I rather have “Photos” and not paintings of the objects I take “photos” of. I removed two cover slips on the lens plate when I first got ADAM. The “paintings” are what the images look like after removing the plastic.

The GPS sort of works. It will show my position and will also track my location. It just nevers “locks” onto the satellites.

The compass is not usable at all.

Only one USB port can be used for file access.

The wifi works as long as you are close to the wireless access point.

The microphone picks up audio but you can’t connect an external one for better coverage.

You can’t see the “fixed” buttons  as they are not back lit.

The glossy screen is GLOSSY. Installation of the included matte screen cuts down on the reflections but reduces the touch sensitivity and makes the display “soft”.

The Pixel Qi screen is great in sunlight as long as you don’t care about color. It does have a very limited viewing angle.

The batteries are NOT user replaceable.

There is NO mystery feature. At least Rohan hasn’t revealed it to any of the owners.

July 2011 – I accidentally dropped my ADAM 29 inches onto a carpeted floor. ADAM was in a neoprene case at the time. The impact broke a wire off the charging circuit board and rendered the internal batteries worthless. (I re soldered the wire to the circuit board but it still won’t charge. ADAM does work while connected to the external charger.)

Most of the Notion Ink provided software isn’t worth the space it takes up on the limited internal memory. I gave up on their ROM after one week of frustration and replaced it with the Beast. At least now I can use the tablet. Don’t really care about either Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich.

What I need is a device which could connect to my wired network at the office and also sync with Microsoft Outlook. It doesn’t do either of these. (I also wanted a device which could boot Linux)


Which brings me to this post. What I “need” for business use.  Sure there are a lot of color Etch-A-Sketches out there. What I am looking for is a laptop replacement.   (I’m tired of hauling my Dell 16 pound laptop around. ) I’ve tweaked the ADAM wish list to come up with my “perfect” tablet for now. (Knowing that technology advances so fast that today’s tablet is tomorrow’s doorstop.)


Screen Size: 12 to 14 inch display with Gorilla Glass and sunlight readable.

Battery life: At least four hours and the ability to externally power it from aircraft power or automotive 14 VDC systems (without requiring any inverter). User replaceable battery would be a big plus.

USB: USB 3.0 with at least three ports which can be used at the same time.

A Serial dongle or DB-9 connection. (Serial connections / modem are needed to interface with some of my phone systems. The Cisco network admin port on the routers is a serial connection)

A physical Ethernet connection. We have a large network but haven’t activated wireless yet due to various security concerns. I need a physical connection to the network.

WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n

A PCMCIA or Expresscard Port.

A docking connector to allow it to connect to an external keyboard with a battery in the keyboard too. (Like the ASUS Transformer) A wireless keyboard would be nice too.

An Infrared blaster type port with software to work like a universal remote control. (Like the Vizio Tablet)

At least an 80 GB Solid State Drive. (Simple user upgrading would be nice to.)

SD card slot (Or micro SD)

Multi-monitor capability to allow connecting at least two external monitor screens.

HDMI out

Line in and out and microphone input. (In addition to the ability to hook up a USB headset)

Bluetooth 3.0

Biometric lock – fingerprint reader / retinal scan / encrypted storage

Front and rear facing cameras of at least 3 mega-pixel resoution and 720 HD video.

True HD screen resolution 1920X1080. (Or at least 1366X768 16:9 format, not 16:10)

Vibrator and haptic feedback





At least four finger and preferably 10 finger multi-touch screen

Near Field Communications

Built-in user replacable 4G LTE cellular/data capability

Mil Std 810F water proofing

Multi-boot capability – Linux, Windows, Android, ???

intel Core i7 2677m CPU  for Windows based or Nvidia Tegra 3 for Android.


My office is a “Windows” environment and lives and dies by Outlook. Attempting to make a telephone operating system work on a non-telephone device and then interface it to the company network while meeting all of the company security requirements is a pain in the A**.

So what to do?  Well ASUS makes two very nice “tablets” which have garnered my interest.

The ASUS Transformer Prime – An Android tablet which can operate like a net book or tablet. The CPU is an Nvidia Tegra Three, five-core processor and Android 4.0. Still has issues with interfacing to a wired Ethernet network and seamless integration with Outlook.

The ASUS eeeSlate – A Windows 7 tablet with almost all of the features in my “perfect” device. If ASUS would add the 4G LTE, GPS, gyroscope, compass and dual monitor output, I’d buy it in a flash. Maybe the second generation will have these features. Best part is the slate is using an Intel core i5 processor which means you could install GRUB on the SSD and multi-boot operating systems as long as they fit on the internal solid state disk.

In the mean time I can sit on my couch and still use ADAM for light web surfing and not much else.



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