ADAM At one month

Boy time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve had ADAM for one month now and I am still learning what it can and can’t do.

Favorites: Kindle reader – Works great and the Pixel Qi screen is very easy to read in all lighting conditions.

Daily Sudoku – Love it and it’s even better on the large screen.

Opera Mobile – Way better than the shipped ADAM Browser. Acid3 test score of 100/100. (Supplied browser is only capable of 93/100)

Amazon Marketplace – Worked well for a short while and then “broke” ADAM. Every program I tried to launch said it needed AM to work and logging into AM just brought up the market and didn’t let the application run… Therefore ROM change time

Along came a Beast.

All I can say is wow! Josh 4 Trunks has made an operating experience which Notion Ink could only hope to achieve. ADAM feels more responsive and the biggest benefit is the addition of Android Market. I succesfully installed all of the various Angry Bird applications, and other programs to replace the pathetic NI supplied programs.

Opera Mobile instead of the “two” NI browsers

Astro instead of sniffer

Button Savior just to make ADAM usable in the dark. (Rohan for the next version BACKLIGHT the menu buttons like all of the other android products on the market please.)

DejaOffice for USB Outlook synchronization. (Haven’t gotten it to work though)

Google Earth.

Lookout security software

MixZing instead of the NI supplied music app

GPS Status and GPS Test since both were missing from my tablet and without either of them you can’t verify the operation of the GPS.

Osmand Navigation as the Beast doesn’t have it. (Not sure why, I like it)

Speed Test to check out your network connection

Quadrant to benchmark the performance.

Note Everything for taking notes.

Games like Nijump, Fruit Slice, Dudgeon Defenders, Dropwords.

What doesn’t work:

Pacific Wings game. Launches and then closes immediately

Tilt Table. Launches and then closes before you ccan move the bar slightly.

Barcode reader software doesn’t work. It fires up the camera and shows you the recognition window but doesn’t scan any barcodes at all. Won’t scan QR codes either.

Compass and GPS are also flaky. The osmand software will track and locate you on the maps, but the GPS never “locks” onto any satellites. Compass is worthless and it makes using Google Sky Maps very difficult.

Overall I give it a 7 out of 10 score.

Till next time.


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Cisco VoIP Administrator CENTREX Manager 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo Motorcycle Eagle Scout
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