ADAM Owner now

Well it finally happened. On March 30th, 44 days AFTER Notion Ink informed me that my ADAM shipped, it arrived… I wasn’t able to pick it up until April 1st.

So what are my thoughts???

It appears to be a nice Mobile Internet Device at first blush. I don’t really know what I plan on doing with it since it doesn’t have a physical Ethernet connection capability. I purchased the Pixel Qi 3g model.

Mine doesn’t appear to have any screen issues and the PQ screen looks okay to me in all lighting situations. (Translation I’m happy with it)  The only “problem” I noticed upon opening the box is the front plastic stripe is slightly bent right were it goes over the microphone opening. It has a crease in it and one edge is slightly proud of the surface.

I used ADAM for a week before applying the matte screen protector. Without the protector, the ADAM’s screen quickly spiraled into a smeary fingerprinted mess. With the screen protector fingerprints are not as noticeable. Also without the protector, the ADAM screen is GLOSSY! You could use it as a mirror.

Hardware wise mine seems to function okay. I’ve been able to use it for more than 12 hours without needing to connect it to external power. I’ve also run the battery dry in less than 6.  Battery life gets a thumbs up from me, but it could be better.

The GPS SUCKS! It always shows 12 satellites and never locks onto any of them. In addition I had to download and install separate software to be able to see the GPS status.  I have had ADAM show my correct position and also track my movements, but it never locks onto the GPS constellation which means that turn by turn navigation is not possible.

The compass function is worthless. Place ADAM on a non-metallic surface and the compass indicator spins and jumps around demonstrating Brownian Motion at its finest.

The Nividia Tegra 2 has a built in HDTV encoder. Yet ADAM can’t properly play back a 1080P video. Audio and Video are not even close to being in sync. Lower resolutions like 720P do work and look good.

I downloaded and installed the Amazon Market and the Kindle Application. The only issue I have with Kindle is you can’t lock the display in portrait. When you click on the lock, the screen rotates to landscape. Other than that it works well and is easy to read with the back light turned off.

I haven’t been able to install a number of programs which all work on my Android 1.5 phone. Angry Birds only works if I run it from a USB drive. Pacific Wings starts and immediately closes. I can’t get the tilt table puzzle working. I did get Sudoku to work. I also have Google maps and Opera working.

I installed Opera Mobile 11 instead of Opera Mini. This way I have access to all of my bookmarks.

I haven’t tried using the Bluetooth or 3G yet.

WiFi is marginal at best. I have had no trouble connecting to any WiFi location as long as I’m within a few feet of the radio access point. If I go more than 50 feet away, the WiFi dies. I am able to connect to both hidden SSID and open. I’ve also connected mine to a Sprint 4G “puck”.

The neatest application shipped with ADAM is the Osmand mapping program. If you are connected to a WiFi location you can zoom into level 18 or 19 and move the map around. The program will download the details so that you don’t need to be connected to 3G or WiFi to see the maps update when using the marginal GPS radio.

I’ve uploaded and installed a newer version of the NI software. The procedure is spelled out on the WIKIs. I noticed when connected to my Linux PC, the Dolphin Browser shows two “USB Drives”. One of 1.9 Gb and one of 5.5 Gb.

I transferred a number of MP3 and WMA files from a micro SD card and also over the USB connection when tethered to my PC. The music player seems to work well.

I used the Mail’d application to configure my GMail account and also sync’d my contacts.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and look forward to working on improving the unit.

Two of the first items I purchased were a Targus padded case for $10 at Radio Shack and I am one of the backers of the Pad Pivot.

Until Later…


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Cisco VoIP Administrator CENTREX Manager 1983 Honda CX650 Turbo Motorcycle Eagle Scout
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